Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19

Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19

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As frontline healthcare workers care for patients with COVID-19, they commit themselves to difficult, draining work and also put themselves at risk of infection. More than 100 throughout the world have died. Medscape wants to make sure they are not forgotten, and we will update this list as — sadly — needed.

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Luigi Ablondi, 66, Epidemiologist, Former General Manager of the Crema Hospital, Cremona, Italy

Abdel Sattar Airoud, 74, General Practitioner, Piacenza, Italy

Vincenza Amato, 65, Medical Director Responsible UOS Hygiene Public Health of the Department of Hygiene and Health Prevention, Bergamo, Italy

Gaetano Author, 68, General Practitioner, Naples, Italy


Domenico Bardelli, 75, Dentist, Lodi, Italy

Jean-Marie Boegle, 66, OBGYN, Mulhouse, France

Massimo Borghese, 63, Specialist in Otolaryngology and Phoniatrics, Naples, Italy

Giuseppe Borghi, 64, General Practitioner, Lodi, Italy

Araceli Buendia Ilagan, 63, ICU nurse, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami

Antonio Buonomo, 65, Medical Examiner, Naples, Italy

Antonino Buttafuoco, 66, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy


Mario Calonghi, 55, Dentist, Brescia, Italy

Giulio Calvi, 72, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy

Andrea Carli, 69, General Practitioner, Lodi, Italy

Marino Chiodi, 70, Ophthalmologist, Bergamo, Italy

Aurelio Maria Comelli, 69, Cardiologist, Bergamo, Italy

Benedetto Comotti, 74, Hematologist, Bergamo, Italy


Francesco Dall’Antonia, 82, Former Primary of Surgery I of Vicenza, Vicenza, Italy

Francesco De Alberti, died on March 28, 2020; Former OMCeO President, Lecco, Italy

Francesco De Francesco, 82, Retired, Former hospital doctor, Sculptor and painter, Bergamo, Italy

Domenico De Gilio, 66, General Practitioner, Lecco, Italy


Amged el-Hawrani, 55, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, Queen’s Hospital Burton, Derbyshire, UK

Adil el-Tayar, 63, Transplant Surgeon, Isleworth, west London, UK

Ahmed el-Lawah, 50, Professor of Clinical Pathology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt


Liu Fan, 59, Nurse, Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan, China

Gino Fasoli, 73, Retired General Practitioner, Brescia, Italy

Giuseppe Finzi, 62, Hematologist and Contract Professor of Vascular Diseases at the University of Parma, Parma, Italy

Anna Maria Focarete, 69, Provincial Councilor FIMMG, SIMG President and Former Councilor Prov. of the Medici, Lecco, Italy

Francesco Foltrani, 67, General Practitioner, Macerata, Italy

Giovanni Francesconi, 90, General Practitioner, Brescia, Italy

Luigi Frusciante, 71, General Practitioner, Como, Italy


Frank Gabrin, 60, Emergency Medicine Physician, New York, New York, United States

Bruna Galavotti, 86, Psychiatrist, Dean of the Women’s Medical Association of Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy

Maurizio Galderisi, 65, Cardiologist, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Federico II University of Naples, Naples, Italy

Franco Galli, 65, General Practitioner, Mantua, Italy

Ivano Garzena, 48, Dentist, Turin, Italy

Rosario Vittorio Gentile, 67, General Practitioner, Specialist in Allergology and Hematology, Cremona, Italy

Calogero Giabbarrasi, 68, General Practitioner, Caltanissetta, Italy

Mario Giovita, 65, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy

James T. Goodrich, 73, Neurosurgeon, Director of the Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Montefiore Health System, Professor of Clinical Neurological Surgery, Pediatrics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, New York, United States

Renzo Granata, 68, General Practitioner, Alessandria, Italy


Alex Hsu, 67, Internal Medicine, Northwest Medical Center, Margate, Florida, United States

Xu Hui, 51, Leader of a hospital’s virus control group, Nanjing, China


Norman Jones, 72, Cardiologist, Former Cardiology Chief of the Trabattoni-Ronzoni Rehabilitation Center in Seregno, Como, Italy

Raffaele Jura, 79, Former head of the Pneumology department, Como, Italy


Kious Kelly, 48, ER Nurse at Mount Sinai West, New York, New York, United States

Narges Khanalizadeh, 25, Nurse, Milad Lahijan Hospital, Lahijan, Iran


Giuseppe Lanati, 73, Pulmonologist, Como, Italy

Michele Lauriola, 67, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy

Vincenzo Leone, 65, General Practitioner, Vice President of SNAMI, Bergamo, Italy

Marco Lera, 68, Dentist, Lucca, Italy

Gabriele Lombardi, 68, Dentist, Brescia, Italy

Roberto Mario Lovotti, 69, General Practitioner, Milan, Italy

Piero Lucarelli, 74, Anesthesiologist, Bergamo, Italy

Rosario Lupo, 65, Medical Examiner, Manager of the INPS Legal Medical Center of Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy


Antonio Maghernino, 59, Medical Continuity Doctor, Foggia, Italy

Giuseppe Maini, 74, General Practitioner, Piacenza, Italy

Abdulghani Taki Makki, 78, Dentist, Italy

Leonardo Marchi, 65, Infectious Disease Doctor, Medical Director of the San Camillo Nursing Home, Cremona, Italy

Ivan Mauri, 69, General practitioner, Lecco, Italy

Roberto Mileti, 59, Gynecologist, Rome, Italy

John F Murray, 92, Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, San Francisco General Hospital, San Francisco, California


Marcello Natali, 56, General Practitioner, Secretary of the Federation of General Practitioners of Lodi, Lodi, Italy


Freda Ocran, 50, Psychiatric Nurse, Jacobi Medical Center, New York, New York, United States


Carlo Alberto Passera, 62, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy

Dino Pesce, 74, Internist Physician, Former general physician at the Villa Scassi hospital in Sampierdarena, Genoa, Italy


Mahen Ramloll, 70, General Practitioner, France

Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy, 67, Emergency Doctor, Lille, France

Leandro Resurreccion III, 57, Pediatric Transplant Surgeon, Philippine General Hospital, Manila, the Philippines

Guido Riva, 78, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy

Luigi Rocca, 93, Pediatrician, Piacenza, Italy

Flavio Roncoli, 89, Retired, Bergamo, Italy


Alfa Saadu, 68, Former Medical Director, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Essex and Ealing NHS Trust, Harlow, UK

Mario Luigi Salerno, 68, Physiatrist, Bari, Italy

Olivier-Jacques Schneller, 68, General Practitioner, Trévenans, France

Xia Sisi, 29, Gastroenterologist, Union Jiangbei Hospital, Wuhan, China

Manfredo Squeri, 75, Former hospital physician, currently head of the Medicine department in the Piccole Figlie di Parma Nursing Home affiliated with SSN, Parma, Italy

Roberto Stella, 57, General Practitioner, Varese, Italy


Valter Tarantini, 71, Gynecologist, Forlì Cesena, Italy

Giulio Titta, 73, General Practitioner, Former secretary of FIMMG, Turin, Italy

Gaetana Trimarchi, 57, General Practitioner, Messina, Italy

Wang Tucheng, 27, Doctor, Henan’s Xinwangzhuang village, China


Marcello Ugolini, 70, Pulmonologist, Councilor of the Medical Association, Pesaro Urbino, Italy


Ivano Vezzulli, 61, General Practitioner, Sports Physician, Lodi, Italy


Sylvain Welling, 60, General Practitioner, France

Li Wenliang, 33, Ophthalmologist, Wuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan, China

Deidre Wilkes, 42, Mammogram Technician, Piedmont Newnan Hospital, Newnan, Georgia

Judy Wilson-Griffin, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Leone Marco Wischkin, 71, Internist, Pesaro Urbino, Italy


Jiang Xueqing, 55, Head of Thyroid and Breast Surgery, Wuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan, China


Song Yingjie, 28, Hospital Pharmacist, Wuhan, China

Peng Yinhua, 29, Respiratory doctor, First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District, Wuhan, China


Habib Zaidi, 76, General Practitioner, Eastwood Group Practice, Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Carlo Zavaritt, 80, Pediatrician and Child Neuropsychiatrist, Bergamo, Italy

Liu Zhiming, 51, Director of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan, China

Mei Zhongming, 57, Ophthalmologist, Wuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan, China


Anonymous Healthcare Employee, 48, Donalsonville Hospital, Donalsonville, Georgia

Anonymous Prison Doctor, died on March 26, 2020; Foggia, Italy

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